Dec 16, 2010

Diaper Cake - Asiah

  • Gifts For Two : Asiah & Aidil Rayyan
  • 'Toddle Tot': 3 tier diaper cake
  • Theme : Lady Bird
  • Measurement (HxW) : 16 inch x 12 inch

Cake Ingredients
  • 60 Disposable Diaper (Size S)
  • Pureen Baby Care Products
  • Pureen - Pacifier
  • Baby Kiko Bottle 150ml 
  • Bright Starts - Bee (Teether)
  • Rattles - Lady Bird
  • Tenderly - Baby Cloth 
  • Tenderly - Boots & Mittens
  • Tenderly - Wash Cloth
  • Ribbon & Ingredients Card
  • Shredded Paper   

Side View

Cake Ingredients

3 Tier Diaper Cake


Once again we (baya,jas & Faji) managed to sit together and planned for Asiah's Baby Shower right after Faji...Hahahah, Asiah is hard to handle!! We done everything we could to surprise her and make her come to HER OWN SHOWER PARTY!!

When she opens the door, she looked so suprised with what we planned for her and she CRIED!! That was so Asiah~ 
Once again, Jas is the mastermind for all the games we had! Ahahaha.. Jas is a crazy godmother! ;p But we love her so damn much! 
Asiah with Her Diaper Cake
From Mommy to Mommy-To-Be

This Beautiful diaper cakes theme is Lady Bird! As you can see we dress in RED + BLACK + WHITE! As she asked for it before!! X MALU punye Mommy... ;p The diaper cakes is full of newborn stuff and its was BEAUTIFULLY MADE FOR YOU, Asiah!!

Hopefully you LOVE it!!

~Praise To Allah~

Dec 9, 2010


Hye All,

Sorry for the lack of updates.. Been bz carrying this cutie pie inside my womb while searching for HIS thing.. DId I mentioned 'HIS'?! Hehhehe... Yes, IT'S A BOY.. Thank to GOD... 
His Ayah is so damn happy bcoz HERO WILL BE BORN SOON... ;p 

23 Weeks
So buddies, stay with me k.. Will update the things from time to time...

Diaper Cake - Ayin

  • Gifts For Two : Ayin to Her Officemate
  • 'Giggle Me': 2 tier diaper cake
  • Theme : Baby Blue
  • Measurement (HxW) : 14 inch x 10 inch

Cake Ingredients
  • 40 Disposable Diaper (Size S)
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Products
  • Disney Bottle 150ml 
  • Anakku - Baby Cloth
  • Anakku - Boots & Mittens
  • Pureen Pacifier
  • Ribbon & Ingredients Card
  • Shred Paper    

Close Up
Side View
2 Tier Diaper Cake

This 'Giggle Me' - 2 tier diaper cake is order by Ayin for her office mate's newborn I guess... ;p It easy for me to do this because she wants it exactly like Faji Diaper Cake. So I maintain the same color and ribbons but different ingredients. So Hopefully she loves it..

This Diaper Cake is beautifully made for you AYIN~

~Praise To Allah~